The word ‘crescent’ is derived from the Latin verb crescere, meaning ‘to grow’. It was originally applied to the shape of the waxing moon, in the sense of it being ‘young’ or ‘increasing’. In the Southern Hemisphere, where Crescent Blue is based, the horns of the waxing moon point to the right. In the Northern Hemisphere the position is reversed.

The moon itself, our nearest celestial neighbour, has been imbued by humans with properties ranging from the ‘evil’ to the Divine. Our favourite interpretations are those of the moon as the presiding deity of human mind, and as the embodiment of the feminine and fertility, from whence the masculine emerges – all in perfect balance.


The vibration of the colour blue promotes healing and resonates to the aspects of communication, meeting challenges and moving forward. Blue facilitates overcoming resistance to moving forward, including resistance arising out of old patterns.


... is for community, company, co-creation, co-operation, communication, cohesion, co-ordination and congruence,