Client Feedback

"Letting you know what an amazing day Saturday was for me. Have had a blessed week feeling on top of the world. The little stress or worry that day to day life tries to bring has bounced off like an old memory that a stranger had in a dream I have woken up from. So I thank you for your part that you played in this awakening."

MG, Te Horo

“I have experienced a number of breathwork sessions with Haille and I would highly recommend her.  I found her gentle, sensitive and intuitive.  Haille was also able to guide me with wisdom into powerful sessions where I was able to face my fears and unhelpful emotions.  These sessions brought me through to a peaceful place with new understandings and greater freedom.  My sessions with Haille have really made a difference in my life!.”

ES, Wellington

“I started breathwork with Haille on recommendation from friends. Initially I thought this technique was something to do with breath being the connection between body and mind. But over the course of ten weeks it turned out to be a lot more than I had imagined. Breathwork being simple in its mechanics can mislead one to think that it is a superficial healing. But no, its work takes place at many layers and only some of these layers are perceptible by us.

Some sessions were non eventful and some were quite dramatic. But the work and transformation once triggered off during the sessions would be experienced in daily life, with old patterns being challenged and sometimes negativity just lifting as by magic.

I feel one should take all the sessions, even though it might feel that nothing is happening. The transformation is set off in the first session and continues (with) us noticing or not.

Haille was gentle, responsive and intuitive. Quite warmly Haille guided the whole programme and was on the pulse of things all the way.

I also want to say breathwork is not a cure but a process and should be a way of life and we deserve fully all that it offers.”

MS, Manakau

“I did over ten sessions of rebirthing with Haille, and I found that I felt more relaxed and at peace with myself and the world as we went on.   I felt better physically and had more energy.  I also felt that I had improved self-confidence around other people and was finding it easier to deal with anger and keep healthy boundaries in my relationships.  Haille is a compassionate person with over 20 years experience in healing and a lot of knowledge and experience to share.  I'd recommend Haille as a healer to anyone interested in alternative therapies.”

MA, Wellington

“Before now I never knew healing could be as easy as just breathing.”

CA, Wellington