Going With The Flow - What Does That Mean?

Posted by haille on May 11, 2015

Surgeon fish.jpg

A teacher of mine once laughed and said to me, "Only dead fish go with the flow".

As long as we’re alive in a body, we will always have 'out of flow' moments - those times when things don’t go as we planned and everything seems to fall flat; when our wonderful state of grace turns into a somewhat embarrassing belly-flop. These are the times when we need strategies to right ourselves, adjust and swim right back in there.

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Christmas Unplugged

Posted by haille on December 21, 2014

Reflection of a CandleChristmas has always given me the heebie-jeebies. I don’t think anyone even says that anymore but it’s the best way to describe the aversion that I have to ‘the silly season’ that takes over everything at this time of the year – and usually sends me into hiding.

So this year I’m reframing Christmas and getting clear about what it means to me. Here are some of the highlights:

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Why I Love Breathing

Posted by haille on June 3, 2014

Girl with Outstretched Arms.jpgBreathwork is a convenient but misleading term. Yes, there is ‘work’ involved in the breathing that I and my clients and fellow ‘conscious breathers’ indulge in – the work of awareness, being with whatever is there in the moment, allowing what needs to come up to be seen, acknowledged and integrated – but this becomes second nature over time.

And there is also breath-play and breath-deliciousness.

Among all the wonderful modalities I’ve experienced and benefited from, what sets conscious, connected breathing apart for me is the visceral, whole

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Youthing ... Really?

Posted by haille on February 17, 2014

girl-before-a-mirror.jpgOn the face of it, it’s easy to assume that concerns about ageing are mostly to do with vanity and going against the natural order of things; about trying to beat Nature and cover up a fear of death. After all, the massive industry built around ‘anti-ageing’ products is mainly based on appearance medicine and vain attempts to beat the clock, while feeding that underlying fear.

But those assumptions only apply when you work in the old paradigm that says we have no control over ageing and that it’s inevitable, a natural part of life itself – a way of thinking that expects us to just accept deterioration and even see it as good, because it’s natural. That belief-set in itself shows a fundamental, universal flaw in our understanding of who we are. It’s a way of thinking that tears us all apart, from ourselves and each other.

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