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Youthing ... Really?

Posted by haille on February 17, 2014

girl-before-a-mirror.jpgOn the face of it, it’s easy to assume that concerns about ageing are mostly to do with vanity and going against the natural order of things; about trying to beat Nature and cover up a fear of death. After all, the massive industry built around ‘anti-ageing’ products is mainly based on appearance medicine and vain attempts to beat the clock, while feeding that underlying fear.

But those assumptions only apply when you work in the old paradigm that says we have no control over ageing and that it’s inevitable, a natural part of life itself – a way of thinking that expects us to just accept deterioration and even see it as good, because it’s natural. That belief-set in itself shows a fundamental, universal flaw in our understanding of who we are. It’s a way of thinking that tears us all apart, from ourselves and each other.

The belief that discomfort, disease and dissolution are forced upon us, especially by some God who’s supposed to be loving, disempowers us and turns us into fear-filled caricatures of our true selves.

So what if we were to challenge that thinking? There is a growing body of evidence that says we should. And it seems like every time I research online, I find a new scientific study that disproves the old ‘facts’ that ageing is both inevitable and irreversible.¹

What if you knew for sure that you could naturally live as long as you wanted, and stay youthful and vibrantly healthy – without scientific tweaking or clever devices? What if you knew for sure that your body and the world you perceive were just faithfully playing out your unconscious beliefs for you – beliefs that you can change?

What would be the implications then, for your life and the world we live in? How would your behaviour change, for example, if you could whole-heartedly trust in your safety and wellbeing? Who would you become?

Huge paradigm shifts are required before any natural youthing can happen. It is by doing the deep inner work that we change our outer world. And the new science (that I present in my seminars) corroborates that and shows us that the factor that makes the most difference in our health, on every level, is our total identification with love and our deep recognition that we are not separate.

Science is belatedly proving that the spiritual wisdoms we’ve been reading about for centuries are more than just allegory and mysticism. They are solid guidelines. The time has come for direct challenges to the current beliefs about ageing and death that are so deeply engrained.

True youthing requires us to let go of all thinking that keeps us trapped in the mentality of lack and endings. You could say that it involves finding paradise on Earth and realising that we made up anything that is unlike it. It requires true spiritual maturity.

¹ For example, a few days ago I found this study, led by Dr Dean Ornish, that ‘shows for the first time that changes in diet, exercise, stress management and social support may result in longer telomeres, the parts of chromosomes that affect aging.’ Telomere shortening has always been seen as a one-way process (as has ageing). Note that the ‘social support’ included more love and intimacy – see the accompanying video.


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