Rebirthing Breathworkers

A Rebirthing Breathworker, or Rebirther, is a professionally trained facilitator who will guide your breath in a way that enables you to process what occurs during the session. They will guide and support you through emotional releases, thoughts and memories that may surface, and physical sensations that you may experience during a session.

Your professional Rebirther is highly skilled at helping you trace complex issues in your life to their origins in your subconscious mind. By becoming aware of this pertinent information, your Rebirther will support you in finding solutions and resolutions.

Finding a Rebirther

To find a Rebirther in Ohau-Levin, you can contact us.

For the rest of New Zealand, try the New Zealand Association of Breathworkers to find a registered professional.

Outside of New Zealand, a good place to start is the Rebirthing Breathwork International website.

If you are still having trouble finding a Rebirther, contact us and we will do our best to help you.