Crescent Blue Services

Crescent Blue is dedicated to helping you to take a fresh look at the thought systems you use to run your life with - consciously or unconsciously - and to clear old traumas, misperceptions or other blocks that may be stopping you from having the life you truly want.

'Return to Life' programme

Crisis can come in any shape or form, large or small - it can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual or all of the above. Lately it seems to be showing up most frequently in our current epidemic of depression and anxiety.

These seeming catastrophes are our learning times, when our ‘Higher Self’ is calling for a change and steering us toward an apparent impasse, in the knowledge that there are much better ways to live than what we’re choosing at the moment. The crisis forces us to face up to fears and unhelpful beliefs that we’ve been avoiding, and gives us an opportunity to  deal with them constructively in a way that enhances our lives.

The Return to Life programme is designed to help you negotiate your current challenges with ease, rather than struggling against them. More...

Private breathwork Sessions

In one-to-one breathwork sessions, you have the opportunity to learn and use the simple Rebirthing Breathwork techniques to lead you to more of what you want.

Using your current issues as a starting point, Haille will support you in discovering and changing old decisions and unconscious beliefs to resolve what is happening now.  More ...


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