'Return to Life' programme

Crisis can come in any shape or form, large or small - it can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual or all of the above. Lately it seems to be showing up most frequently in our current epidemic of depression and anxiety.

These seeming catastrophes are our learning times, when our ‘Higher Self’ is calling for a change and steering us toward an apparent impasse, in the knowledge that there are much better ways to live than what we’re choosing at the moment. The crisis forces us to face up to fears and unhelpful beliefs that we’ve been avoiding, and gives us an opportunity to  deal with them constructively in a way that enhances our lives.

The Return to Life programme is designed to help you negotiate your current challenges with ease, rather than struggling against them. Conscious connected breathing is a powerful component that works on all levels, puts you in charge of your own process, deepens your learning and helps you feel shiny and new again.

However crisis appears in our life, it always starts within. I can work with you to guide you through the fundamental changes that your soul is crying out for - to steer you towards permanent relief from the conditions you face. You were never meant to get stuck in them. You engineered them for a reason; to propel you back into a deeply fulfilling life - the one you came here to live.

"When I started the programme, I knew I wasn’t coping and I didn’t know why. I didn’t even know who I was any more - somehow I’d lost myself.

I was advised by the friend of a friend (a Breathworker in Dunedin) to try Haille Denniston.  What a brilliant discovery! After an initial ‘meet & greet’ session to see if we were compatible, Haille recommended a 10 session breathwork programme and I commenced the following week.

Haille provided me with insight, guidance & care and helped me to create the opportunity to find and see myself. I found her approach and the techniques almost stunningly simple but profoundly effective in helping me.

Breathwork has provided me with insights & tools and opened up a connection back to the happy, curious, joyful me, that was always there."

Sandra Blake, Whitby

In the Return to Life programme, you will receive...

  • Ten 2-hour laser-focused private sessions with me, over 10-15 weeks. Know that I’m passionate about assisting you to get the results you want.
  • As always, we will use the magic ingredient, the power of the breath! The main part of every session will consist of guidance and support (where needed) in working / playing with your breathing, to help you to internalise the lessons, find your own answers and revitalise - Actually, we never know what good things will happen in a breathe. Expect the unexpected.
  • Mini-seminars on breathing, mindfulness and other relevant topics are included in the sessions.
  • Processes to turn your thinking around, bring you back to your inner ‘knowing’ and empower you to find concrete ways to move through your situation.
  • Access to other resources.
  • Phone and/or email support between sessions, if needed.

Contact Haille to arrange an interview to find out more - and see if this is the solution you’ve been looking for.