“How Your Thoughts are Ageing You – An Introduction to Youthing”

There are new ways of looking at the world, based on ancient wisdom and increasingly supported by science, that challenge the basis of all we believe about our bodies and why they age.

A liberating presentation of some of the more exciting and relevant discoveries that affect every area of our lives, and our long-term health in particular.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • A comparison between ‘old science’, which conventional medicine is still largely based on, and new (and not so new) scientific facts that change the whole picture.
  • How our deeply-held beliefs and our perception of our environment are proven to have a major affect on our health.
  • The fundamental reasons why our bodies break down and why it’s possible to turn that around.

And there’s more, all packed into two hours, along with some experiential exercises and easy processes that you can use at home for increased energy and self-awareness.

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