A quick self-assessment

To examine your own breathing patterns, simply sit quietly and comfortably and allow yourself to breathe naturally. Then, without changing your breathing, observe what you can:

  • the length and strength of the inhale, then the exhale
  • how big the gap is between the inhale and exhale, and the exhale and inhale - do you hesitate more before you breathe in or out?
  • how your breathing feels – whether it’s easy or feels like a struggle, or whether any part of the cycle is uncomfortable.
  • How much air do you take in? Do you exhale fully?
  • Do you breathe into your stomach, your chest, or your full diaphragm?

Healthy natural breathing feels easy, automatic, even and comfortable, with no need to force air in or out of the lungs. The diaphragm rises and falls evenly, allowing your lungs to expand and contract optimally.

Think of it as your body ‘being breathed’, rather than just healthy lung function.